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‘A very readable account of a fascinating woman who dared to stand up to Henry VIII and survived. It is thoroughly researched, admirably written, and the author’s love of the Tudor period shines through.’ Historical Novels Review

She dared to defy him. But Mary Rose Tudor, the little sister of Henry VIII, paid a price.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be the little sister of English king, Henry VIII? Remember, this is the king who went on to have six wives, two of whom he had beheaded.

And although the teenage Mary Rose is his favourite sister (he even named his famous ship after her), his shifting alliances and ruthless desire to have his own way, made him push the young and lovely Mary into a hateful state marriage with the ailing and ancient King Louis XII of France.

But, a reluctant Mary Rose, as strong-willed as Henry and passionately in love, for the first time, doesn’t give in easily. Before agreeing to the match, after a relentless campaign to get her to say yes, by her loving brother, Mary Rose extracts a promise from Henry. A promise she is determined he will keep.

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