Non-Fiction How to Format Your Novel for Amazon’s Kindle eBook

‘I have read so many books on the topic and struggled through Amazon’s explanations, so I was thoroughly delighted to come upon this. It is spelled out so simply for those of us without a clue.’

A Short But Comprehensive A-Z Guide

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Perfect For The Technologically-Challenged! You don’t need to be a GEEK!

I have formatted over thirty of my own books, both Fiction and short Non-Fiction. This short, but comprehensive guide takes you through the whole process from A-Z, including:

  • How to format your novel for kindle.
  • How to find a reasonably-priced book cover.
  • How to convert your book for Kindle’s mobi format
  • How to upload your book.
  • Book Description and Categories
  • Basic HTML
  • How to fill in Amazon’s questionnaire on your book
  • How to decide on a price for your book
  • How to check your sales and income.
  • Recommended Further Reading

Geraldine Evans created this book after struggling to find a basic How To book, that didn’t break off to tell the writer’s life history. We don’t need to know the writer’s history! Or all about his struggles, his family, or his dog. All we want is ‘Do this’, then ‘Do that’,instructions. That’s all. If that’s what you want too, then this is the guide for you.

Keeping Technology Simple