Non-Fiction Lovers’ Life Guide eBook

Whether it’s the first time around, second, or more, it’s always a good time to dig a little deeper to learn about your new partner.

Palmistry reveals all the traits your partner would like to stay hidden–at least in the early days of your relationship. All those lines on their hand enable you to find out more, much more, about the person you’re dating.

Make use of them–because ignorance isn’t bliss.

So if you’re anxious about finding yourself committed to a partner who’s bad for you on every level, read on.

We’ve all heard about men/women who turned out to be wife-beaters/wives who turned out to be husband beaters, who in the early days fooled their partner with a charm offensive.

Palmistry can help. So let it guide you by the hand to Mr Right/Ms Right, rather than Mr All Wrong/Ms All Wrong.

  • Faithlessness
  • Mean with Money
  • Secret Gambler
  • Irresponsible

With Palmistry, it’s impossible to hide those unpleasant traits because they’ll be there, in their hand, for you to discover before it’s too late. So, save yourself from a potential broken heart–or broken head.