Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series BLOOD ON THE BONES 9 eBook

‘Clever plotting and polished prose make this a cracking good British police procedural.’ B00KLIST

‘Cracking Crime Mystery with Depth and Laughs.
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Lapsed Catholic British Detective Joe Rafferty is dismayed that his latest murder investigation should centre around the local RC Convent, where a dead (male) body has been discovered in a shallow grave.

The nuns’ order is an enclosed, contemplative one, and access to their house and grounds, with its surrounding 8-foot-high walls, far from simple. But Rafferty, unlike his Sergeant, Dafyd Llewellyn, who isn’t prejudiced by a rigid Catholic schooling, finds it easy as sin to believe that this is an inside job, and that the religious are as capable of murder as other frail mortals.

As if to punish him for his blasphemy, the spiteful fates take the opportunity to add some mischief sure to cause Rafferty palpitations. Because amongst his list of ‘holy’ suspects is his Parish priest and personal bête-noire, Father Roberto Kelly. Turns out the determinedly soul-saving, uber-hypocritical, ‘greatest sinner in the parish’, is the nuns’ confessor.

As if all that’s not enough for Detective Rafferty to cope with, he is also beset by personal problems of a blackmailing nature, stemming from a previous investigation that has come back to haunt him…

Rafferty must dig deep into the past and the mores of an earlier generation to try to find the killer, and into his own recent past to identify his blackmailer.