Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series LOVE LIES BLEEDING 9 eBook

ʻI’m hooked! After reading the first two books in this series, I’m a definite fan of Geraldine Evans. Well written, nicely plotted, very entertaining.’
‘If you read one, you will seek out the others. The Rafferty & Llewellyn books are great.’
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A most unlikely killer, is British Detective Joe Rafferty’s immediate thought, when the slender and bloodied Felicity Raine stumbles into the police station and confesses to murdering her husband.

Rafferty thinks her an even more unlikely murderer when he meets her in-laws, and catches them out in several deceits. There is something peculiar going on, he is convinced. Because although Felicity isn’t down to receive any financial benefit from her husband’s death, others in the Raine family are. Is one of them attempting to set Felicity up to take the murder rap?

The case prompts Rafferty to more deeply investigate what lies beneath the surface—not only in his current investigation, but in his tangled personal life, too.