Rafferty and Llewellyn British Mystery Series


ʻWell, this was a real find. Geraldine Evans knows how to make a character leap off the pages at you.’ Lizzie Hayes, Mystery People


Rafferty and Llewellyn British Mystery Series #5

An ingeniously constructed plot, deft dialogue, well-drawn characters, and a few humorous touches, make this an enjoyably intriguing read.’ BOOKLIST
Superstitious British Detective Joseph Rafferty is having a bad week – not an unusual occurrence – and he can’t help feeling trouble comes in threes.
Rafferty’s premonition turns out to be accurate when a company manager is found dead at his desk. The tyrannical Barstaple had known full well that he was hated by most of the office. But did he really deserve to be poisoned? And so horribly.
Rafferty’s week goes from bad to worse and worse again. And then another person is found dead. . .


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