Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series BAD BLOOD 7 PAPERBACK

‘Another page-turner!’

‘Recommended as a real whodunnit you’ll be glad you read. Enjoy. I did.’

For Readers who enjoy detective novels with a little British humour.

A robbery gone wrong, Detective Joe Rafferty thinks, when the latest murder victim, wealthy widow, Clara Mortimer, is battered to death in her home. Then Rafferty learns she wasn’t a widow at all–and her estranged husband is living in the same block under a false name.

But that’s not the only suspicious aspect of the case: Clara Mortimer’s family add another complication, not eased either by their several deceptions or by the difficulties in Rafferty’s personal life, which, as always, seems to be guided by a malign fate and make him take his eye off the investigatory ball. But could he help it if his automatic reaction when his live-in girlfriend Abra said she might be pregnant wasn’t exactly New Man?

Their investigation brings Rafferty and Llewellyn face to face with just how down and dirty families can be–and not just the families of murder victims.