Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series eBook


‘Great detective story.’

#14 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

‘This was an interesting and entertaining mystery. I highly recommend it to other mystery readers.’

Adam Ainsley, a former well-known sportsman, expected an ego-boost when he agreed to attend the annual reunion at the prestigious Griffin School.

Instead he is found dead after going for a run in the school’s nearby woods.

At first, it is assumed Ainsley died from a simple heart attack. But the retired ex-professional rugby player was a fit young man in his thirties, who hadn’t been near a doctor for years. The post-mortem toxicology report shows that Ainsley was poisoned, but whether by his own hand or that of another’s is far from clear. DI Joe Rafferty and his partner, Dafyd Llewellyn, discover Adam Ainsley, the school’s sporting hero, had made a lasting impression, and not always for his prowess on the sporting field.

And when the detective pair delve deeper, they find plenty of reasons for the lasting resentment. But how to prove which one of the ex-pupils has let feelings fester for twenty years, to end in murder, isn’t so readily apparent.