Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series DEATH DANCE 13 eBook

‘I love these books. The characters are so believable.’

For Readers who like Detective Series with a bit of humour and very little gore.

Murder victim Adrienne Staveley had a husband, a stepson, and several lovers. And while other men liked her too much, British Detective Joe Rafferty discovered her own menfolk had reasons not to like her very much at all. And as for her female in-laws–the less said about their opinion of the victim, the better.

Rafferty and his partner, Dafyd Llewelyn, had to sort through Adrienne’s tangled love life to find just who had left her murdered — strangled on her own kitchen floor. Needless to say, the seldom considerate fates had ensured Rafferty had suspects in plenty and motives too numerous to mention. The only thing he and his partner lacked was proof against any one of them.

And Joe Rafferty’s wedding day was fast-approaching. Would he manage to solve the case and get off on his honeymoon? Or would the fates ensure he had to cancel and get in his bride, Abra’s, bad books from the very start?

Things are not looking good for Rafferty on any front. Then they get even worse when he discovers fingerprints in the murder house that shouldn’t have been there.