Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series eBook


‘Another winner from Geraldine Evans.’

#15 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

‘A great blend of serious, sacrilegious and down right fun.’

ʻHer writing, along with red herrings, is usually done in such a clever way that when you leave the roller coaster you have had a thrilling ride.’

For those who like detective mysteries with a little British humour.

When Sophia Egerton, matriarch of a family of fashion designers is murdered on her ninetieth birthday, British Detective Joe Rafferty wonders if one of her family thought she’d lived too long. Because most of the suspects just happen to be the wealthy Sophia’s ever-loving relatives.

Rafferty’s murder investigation is thwarted by his own parish priest, Father Roberto Kelly. The priest, so frequently Rafferty’s bête-noire, has turned up to offer succour to one of his lady parishioners. And Rafferty realises that it is only by getting the wilful priest on-side that he will ever get to solve this murder mystery and get a conviction.
But can he ever persuade the wilfully self-righteous priest that helping to solve a murder is more worthy of a nod from God, than protecting the secrets of the confessional?