Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series eBook


ʻThis series gets better and better.’

#17 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

ʻAlways entertaining.’

A nine-month pregnant wife, a murder victim found on an archaeological dig minus his fingers, and very limited time, meant that Joe Rafferty wasn’t a happy bunny. Superintendent Bradley, media darling and determined to stay that way, only added to Rafferty’s stress.

Rafferty discovered that their murder victim had vanished from Spain, where he worked for Charlie Carver, a Mr Big of the Costa del Crime. But Rafferty’s visit to Spain was curtailed when Abra went into labour. And despite his promises that he’d be there at his child’s birth, naturally, the French air traffic controllers had staged their usual summer strike.
Superintendent Bradley, with the heady thought of promotion filling his mind, demanded he get Charlie Carver, who’d be a big feather in his cap with the brass. But Rafferty, convinced Carver wasn’t the murderer this time, whatever else he might be guilty of, doesn’t cave in to Bradley’s wishes.
Becoming a daddy for the first was a big thing for Rafferty, in more ways than one. But could he find the killer and satisfy Abra that he was pulling his weight with the baby?